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About[edit | edit source]

Start screen of Transwarp V0.82.

Transwarp is a C64/1541 software fastloader written by Krill/Plush with a first release in 2020.

  • Transwarp can load files at about 19 kBytes/Sec (50x the original speed) using an own disk format
  • The fastloader autostarts when loading a Transwarp file using LOAD"...",8,1
  • It uses an own disk format that uses a subset of GCR as encoding
    • The capacity of disks is slightly reduced compared to the standard CBM format (223 instead of 254 bytes per block, allocation of entire tracks)
    • Standard CBM DOS disk copy programs can copy complete Transwarp disks
    • Standard file copy programs cannot copy Transwarp files
    • All directory entries of Transwarp files point to the same fastloader file which, after autostart, will get the actual fastloading data file start info from the bytes following the filename in the directory.
    • Do not use the CBM DOS VALIDATE drive command on Transwarp disks as it will corrupt the BAM
  • An experimental file encryption scheme using a 232-bit symmetric key is supported (using LOAD"...",8,1,"KEY")

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