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Tapuino C64
Type: Mass Storage
Producer: Peter Edwards
Price: $20 USD
Released: 2014
Processor: 16 MHz ATmega328
Memory: 2kb RAM, 32 kb Flash
Info: https://github.com/sweetlilmre/tapuino

The Tapuino C64 is a full playback datassette emulator based around the Arduino Nano platform. The entire device is fully open source (MIT License) from the bill of materials needed to construct the device down to the custom firmware written in C. Because the device is fully open source there are several variants of this device available and available for sale on various websites.

Unlike other hardware datassette emulators, such as the µCassette, the Tapuino C64 does not require an external tape playback device or digital audio player. Rather, the Tapuino C64 hosts an SD card reader and the entire device attaches directly to the C64's cassette port for both 5v power and C64 data bus access. Individual .TAP files are stored on an SD card similar to .D64 images on a SD2IEC. From the C64's perspective this device is indistinguishable from a real datasette. As a result, any Commodore computer with a tape port can use this device.

All Tapuino C64 device varriants have a small display, typically a LCD matrix display, to allow the user to easily select the desired TAP file before loading it from Commodore BASIC.