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Thank you very much to finish and update this article. Do you have any links or own screen shoots of the 7 game mods created by the GSCK? --Jodigi (talk) 06:23, 9 January 2017 (CET)

Hello! Thanks. I will finish the sprite section in the next days, and I think I will make a new section for the startup, as it's easily the most problematic part of the editor (in version 1 that is, which you shouldn't use anymore). It's sad the editor gained so bad reviews (2 out of 10 really?), just because the startup is problematic. I even know the history behind this, the authors wanted to avoid legal troubles and didn't want to add the original game data to their releases. Other than that, and the unfinished levelpacker, this is a really fine editor, and one of the more progressive ones, menu driven editors with good testing and undo functions were rare back in those days.

As for the games, they are all uploaded on GB64, although only the editor and the last 2 games are presented there in their original uncrunched format with the loading intro screen. Just in comparison, nearly all Boulder Dash game mods are uploaded with their original intro.

Luckily however that I managed to get the original versions of all other 5 games from a Boulder Dash guy, whose father has been of the modder team back in the day. Power Sisters file is partly broken though, one of its files have to be replaced with coding. Also Gitty 2 is only available for me in its "version 1" format, which means it needs the original game to startup. I tried to follow the instruction file to create the packed format, but I royally failed, the game's sprites are broken, a brown box appears instead. :(

In the next days, I will try to upload my files on an FTP server though, the original versions should be sent to gaming sites, and shouldn't be lost.