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In the info box to the right it says released 1981. I find this hard to believe as that would make this drive older than c64 and 1541 which it isn’t

Agreed Mr64738. Most sources give 1984 as a release date for the Commodore Plus/4 for which this device was intended. It was originally released as the SFS 481 and renamed the Commodore 1551. According to this article Commodore Floppy Drive 1551 (c16/Plus4) the release date for the SFS 481/Commodore 1551 was some time in 1983. I'm a bit skeptical of this, but it's certainly closer to the truth. I think the most reasonable conclusion, given conflicting sources, is that the device was released some time in 1984 along side the Commodore Plus/4. I'll update the article to reflect this. —Load81 (talk)