Sound Sampler 64

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Sound Sampler 64
Type: Cartridge
Producer: Datel Electronics
Price: £49.95
Released: 1985

The cartridge Sound Sampler 64 from the company Datel Electronics is connected to the user port on a C64 and an 8-bit audiodigitizer.

The cartridge has the following inputs and outputs:

  • Line Output (Audio output) for example stereo systems (HIFI) or amplifiers
  • Line Input (Audio input) for example tape deck
  • Micro Input (Microphone input) for plugging in the supplied microphone
  • Echo Feedback (Adjuster)

The package contains:

  • Cartridge "Sound Sampler 64"
  • Software
  • Handbook
  • Microphone
  • Adapter cable

hardware original C64 "Sampler ....i know real audio sampling came later with Amiga systems digitally record audio. this piece of hardware is different's external and has full on mono jacks input ..and knobs to adjust volume... i never found any documents on it? i always wondered how the hell people synthesized human voice via (* synthesis !!!!) on this bad boy!! and it look's like i just found out how .. will be using it ! .

and will return with pictures...maybee later via normal wiki ...

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