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SIDKick pico
Type: SID replacement
Producer: Frenetic
Price: less than 10€ (cost price)[1]
Released: 2023
Processor: RP2040 (ARM Cortex-M0+, Dual Core, overclocked to 300 MHz)
Memory: 2MB Flash, 264K RAM
Info: Open Source, see SIDKick

SIDKick pico is a microcontroller-based C64 SID replacement. Analog inputs for paddles and mice are available just as for the original SID.

SIDKick pico uses firmware similar to its "big brother" SIDKick. However, the pico variant is based on the Raspberry Pi Pico board that uses the RP2040 microcontroller which is much cheaper and has better availability than the Teensy that is used by the normal SIDKick.

  • dual 6581 and/or 8580 emulation based on reSID 0.16 (optional: extension for digi-playing techniques)
  • 2nd-SID address at $d400, $d420, $d500, $d420 + $d500 simultaneously, $de00, $df00 ($d500 is not available on the C128), or any address when an external chip select signal is used (e.g. on Ultimate 64 boards)
  • paddle/mouse support
  • built-in configuration menu (launch with "SYS 54301"/"SYS 54333", also from C128-mode)
  • sound output via PWM (mono) through the C64/C128 mainboard, or in stereo using a PCM5102A-DAC-board
  • flashing RGB-LED (WS2812) on GPIO 23 (installed on some Pico-clones)

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Thread: Sammelbestellung von Frenetic seinem SIDKick pico on Language German - at end of 2023, more than 200 SKpicos were sold for 6€ each, including the Pico board and excluding a Forum64 donation and shipping

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