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Primar issue of Reset Magazine

Reset is an online Commodore 64 retro scene news magazine, "designed to give the modern C64 user a light hearted insight into the current world of the Commodore 64". It is a free, non-profit publication first issued in November 2013. In the moment the magazine is published 2x in the year.

[edit] Staff

Table 1 lists those involved with Reset.

Table 1 - Reset Magazine Contributing Staff
Name Alias Role
Kevin Tilley (Unkle K) Editor, Staff Writer, Design.
Vinny Mainolfi ( Co-Editor, Staff Writer.
Nick Dibble (Plume) Staff Writer.
Paul Morrison (PaulEMoz) Staff Writer.
Shane Wood (zap) Webmaster.

[edit] Issues

  • Reset #01 November 2013
  • Reset #02 February 2014
  • Reset #03 May 2014
  • Reset #04 August 2014
  • Reset #05 November 2014
  • Reset #06 March 2015
  • Reset #07 July 2015
  • Reset #08 January 2016
  • Reset #09 June 2016

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