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Device Name: RAMDrive
Manufacturer: Performance Peripherals & Creative Micro Designs
Media Type: RAM (integrated)
Storage Capacity: 512kB, 1MB, 2MB
Release Price:
Released: 1990
Data Bus: System bus
Data Connector: 44-pin Expansion Port
Power Requirements:
Power Connector: (system powered)
Firmware: RD-DOS
License: Proprietary
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Successor: {{{Successor}}}
Info: Marketed with the RAMLink for several years.

The RAMDrive was an REU co-developed by Creative Micro Designs and Performance Peripherals. It could function as an ordinary REU in DMA mode. However, it had 1541/71/81 emulation capability on par with the RAMLink. Unlike the RAMLink the device was intended to be portable. It had a form factor not unlike that of a television remote and was battery backed by internal Nickel–cadmium batteries.

The RAMDrive was of a fixed RAM capacity in 512kB, 1MB, and 2MB models.