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A pixel (a word made up of "picture" - also known as "pix" - and "element") is a single pixel in the C64 in a specific color. A C64 graphic image consists of 64,000 pixels, arranged in 1,000 tiles of 8x8 pixels each. Which color such a pixel may take depends on the graphic mode. Basically one of 16 colors is allowed per pixel, but in hi-res this color is valid for a whole tile, i. e. for 64 pixels at once. In multicolor, two pixels are combined to form a (double-width) color pixel, whereby four different colors are allowed in a tile - two of them are subject to further restrictions (the background color applies to the whole screen and the Color-RAM (color frame) applies to the whole tile).

Other Graphic Modes try to bypass these limitations of the C64 video chip (VIC II) (FLI, IFLI, SHF etc.)

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