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Parner64 is a cartridge-based utility for the Commodore 64.

Partner64 offers nine functions:

  • Appointment Calendar: Partner contains graphic calendar displays for every month from January 1987 through December 2099; by pressing a few function keys, you can enter, edit, and save information for any day in three areas—Key Tasks, a To Do list, and Appointments. Though the first two headings might seem to duplicate each other, they actually point out a very important time-management tool: separating goals from objectives. In the midst of doing all of the little tasks that make up your day, it's wise to keep the larger picture in mind.

If there are tasks you haven't completed when 5:00 rolls around, Partner lets you transfer them to the next day. The snafu here is that it is erases any items you've already entered for that next day. Another minor gripe in this area: When you're printing out a week or month's worth of days, the skeleton format (including headings and numbers) is printed for every day, whether or not you've entered anything there, wasting space and printer paper.

  • Memo Pad: Using simple text-editing commands, you can dash off memos without losing your current program. The Typewriter feature here will print out one line at a time as you hit the return key if you like; you can also print out the whole thing when it's done.
  • Address List: Using the same text-editing features from Memo Pad, this section is an electronic card file for storing, alphabetizing, displaying, and printing names, addresses, and telephone numbers. You can also print mailing labels within this section. This may involve playing around with the margin settings to zero in on the right spacing.
  • Phone List: This is an abbreviated version of the Address List. Since it contains autodialing capabilities, it's especially helpful for telecommunications applications. You can store phone numbers for often-called online services and let the program dial for you.
  • Calculator: When the boss drops a paycheck on your desk, you can break into this area and do a quick calculation of your checkbook balance. The program displays a graphic representation of a calculator with its standard functions, and includes a printout option.
  • Print Screen: Lets you print one screen from the program you're running, with the exception of graphics displays.
  • SwiftDOS: This section offers access to a variety of housekeeping commands for your disk operating system, like formatting, cleaning, and erasing.
  • SwiftLock: Data protection schemes like this insure that no one can peek at your work when you walk away from your desk to get coffee. Enter this section before leaving your terminal, and it freezes all active data until you enter your secret code.
  • Setup: Though it's listed last, this is probably the first area you'll want to dive into. It asks eight questions about your hardware configuration, letting you set addresses and margin spacing.

Partner also offers Swiftload, a fast-loading, feature. Allows your 1541 disk drive to load up to 5 times faster.