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Output device: The matrix printer Commodore MPS 802 or VC-1526.

An output device is using by computer systems for data and information output. Output devices are used for controlling the work with computer systems or saving the handling datas.

These output devices are used:

  • Monitor - to output datas (text, graphic) on a visual display. By many homecomputers like the C64 or the VIC-20 can also used a TV for showing datas. The monitor is also the main output device of a computer system.
  • Graphics Cards - to output datas on a monitor
  • Printer or plotter - to output (print) datas (graphic, text) on paper
  • Speaker - to output tone, sound or music generated by computers
  • TV output device - for connecting the homecomputer or a game console on a TV.
  • Sound- or video cartridge - for connecting to another sound or video devices like hi-fi system, video recorder or modern TV.
  • Braille output line - for text in braille (mostly Braille ASCII) - often used with a screen reader software for voice output.


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