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Developer Robert A. Stoerrle
Publisher Quantum Computer Services
Release 1985
Platform C64
Genre Disk Utility
Operation Keyboard
Media Diskette
Language(s) Language:english

Omega-Q is a disk utility program for the Commodore 64 platform. This utility performs a number of operations which include:

  • Formatting a disk
  • Validating a disk
  • Listing the contents of a disk (directory)
  • Dissolving files
  • Reading ASCII and PETASCII files
  • Printing ASCII and PETASCII files
  • Scratching files (deleting)
  • Unscratching files
  • Locking files
  • Alter file types
  • Copy files

Version 2.1 was written by Robert A. Stoerrle. Unsqueeze routines written by John Leeson. File format developed by Chris Smeets (see ZIP/UNZIP), Will Corley, Edward Rohr, and David Bolt.

Program was licensed to Quantum Computer Services, Inc and is now believed to be public domain.