Hokuto Force

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Hokuto Force
Hokuto Force
Founded 1988
Manager Founder: The Overkiller
Members many
Sector Software: Games and Tools
Website http://www.hokutoforce.c64.org
Info aka Digital Monastery (DM)

Hokotu Force is an Italian demo and cracker group, which is active since its foundation in 1988 (with short interruptions between the years 2006 to 2009) until today.

The name of the group is inspired by a Japanese cartoon series called "Hokuto No Ken" or internationally as "Fist of the north star".

Since 30.12.2012 computer games have also been developed under the "Digital Monastery" (DM for short) label. About 23 games, some of which have participated in C64 game competitions, have been developed.

To date, there are numerous game versions that have a countless number of cheats with trainers, as well as numerous demos and music tracks, some of which can also be viewed in the CSDb.

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