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This article is about the programming language Forth in connection to Commodore computer systems.

Forth is a stack-based, extensible language without type-checking initially developed from Charles H. Moore in 1969. It is probably best known for its "reverse Polish" (postfix) arithmetic notation, familiar to users of Hewlett-Packard calculators[1]. Forth is a real-time programming language originally developed to control telescopes. [2]. Forth is also a programming language and develope system, which is stand-alone from an operating system.


Here is a short overview of the developement and standard of the programming language Forth.


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  5. Forth 2012 Standard [3] (2014)


HES 64Forth (1983).
DurexForth (2009).


A large number of commercial and free/open implementations of Forth exist for 6502 processor-based computers, many specifically for the Commodore 64:


C128 for CP/M[edit]



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