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The computer magazine Eight Bit Magazine, 8-Bit Magazine or EIGHT BIT (short: EDM) with the subtitle "THE MAGAZINE FOR COLLECTORS AND USERS OF EIGHT BIT COMPUTERS ..." is published by John Kavanagh quarterly. The magazine focus is the home computers of the computer manufactories: Amstrad, Atari, Apple, Commodore and Sinclair.

Each issue is printed on DIN A5 and contains min. 68 full colored sites. In the moment four issues are published and a 5th is in preparation.

The magazine is financed by Kickstarter campagnes. In the online shop can also bougth the magazine by spending € 8,- for an issue, included € 2,- for shipping and transport worldwide. Alternative can also order a subscription.


The magazine content can also seen on the official magazine website.[1]

Issue 1
  • Genesis 1972 to 1983
  • Interview with the founder of Scene World
  • The 1980's computer revolution in Yugoslavia
  • The Collectors guide to the Commodore 64
  • Apple's 40th Birthday
  • Programming the 8-bits
  • Game Reviews
  • and more

Issue 2
  • Tips n' Tricks main feature.
  • Programming Sprites
  • Collectors guide to the Sinclair ZX81
  • Game reviews and more!

Issue 3
  • Alan Sugar's Amstrad CPC 464
  • Hacking for Infinite Lives
  • Pond Software
  • The Apple Adventurer
  • Programming Sprites part 2
  • Game reviews, Interviews and more!

Issue 4
  • The Collectors Guide to the Atari 800XL
  • The Spectrum Next
  • Emulating the 8-bits
  • Stuart William's Adventure Column
  • Game reviews, Interviews and more!

Issue 5
  • In preparation!
  • The Collectors Guide to the Sinclair ZX Spectrum
  • Inside the Commodore 65
  • Games from the Movies
  • Adventure Zone
  • Sprites Part 3
  • Interviews, game reviews and more!


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