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The DC2N ("Dumping C2N") is a standalone device whose purpose is to make digital backups of Commodore tapes. It can also be used as a replacement for the Commodore Datassette. DC2N features a connector for the datassette port (compatible with e.g. the Commodore 64's), a slot for an SD card, where tape image files can be stored, and a cardedge connector, where a Datassette can be connected, to allow tape content imaging. Attaching a TAP file is equivalent to inserting a cassette into a Datassette.

In Datassette emulation mode load and save are supported.

2 formats of tape image files are supported:

  • standard TAP, version 0 and version 1 only, for loading
  • a custom format, where each pulse takes 16 bits, for recording and tape imaging

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