Accounts Receivable/Billing (Commodore)

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Accounts Receivable/Billing
Start screen of Accounts Receivable/Billing
Developer Info Designs, Inc
Company Commodore
Publisher Commodore
Release 1983
Licence Full version
Platform C64, VIC-20, Plus/4, PET
Genre Financial Business Software
Operation Keyboard Datassette
Media Diskette Memory Expansion
Language(s) Language:english

"The Commodore Business Accounting System was developed by Info Designs, Inc., Birmingham, Michigan for exclusive distribution by Commodore Business Machines." [1]

"Maximum Records Storage Capacity (per disk)

CBM 1541/2031/4040

Maximum Customers 75
Maximum Invoices 150
Maximum Transactions 40

Larger files of customers and invoices may easily be handled by segmenting customer files alphabetically and using a set of floppy disks for each group.

The system provides these advanced capabilities
  • easy data entry of customer billing information
  • computer-printed invoices -- either immediately or when needed
  • option to apply customer payment by oldest invoice first
  • automatic posting of transactions to customer file and invoice file
  • open item aged receivables report for all customers or selected group
  • monthly open item customer statements
  • on-line status inquiry to determine a customer's current account balance, oldest invoice age, credit limit and credit approval." [2]

C64 version[edit | edit source]

  • Maintains customer master file including customer name, address, credit limit, year-to-date activity, and current balance
  • Provides automatically billing with credit checking, item descriptions, unit pricing and extensions when interfaced with Order Entry/Point-of-Sale and Inventory Management Modules
  • Provides flexible billing of any item and unit price when used as stand-alone system
  • Automatically posts billings to customer receivables record
  • Interfaces with the general ledger for automated postings
  • Automatically ages open receivables by 30, 60, 90 day categories

  • Improves cash flow through effiecient pricing, billing, and better management of receivables

Key Reports
  • Customer Listing
  • Aged Receivables Report
  • Customer Bills
  • Computerized Statements

Technical Specifications
Using 1541 Disk Drive
Customers per Disk 75
Open and Closed Invoices per Disk 150
Transactions per Batch 40
Transactions per Month Unlimited
Maximum Value per Entry $999,999,99
Maximum Value per Invoice $9,999,999,99
Number of Tax Codes 9
Customer Number (characters) 6
Invoice Number (characters) 6
Customer Purchase Order # (characters) 16"[3]

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