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I am a computer professional in US.

I have been a user of commodore computers since I have been a user of computers. The first computer I ever used was a Commodore PET 2001 at the public library in my city. That was back when it was a new computer, and I was a child who didn't really know what a computer was.

A few years later when I graduated from high school my parents bought me a Texas Instruments TI-994a (my choice) and later a C64! I was hooked on the commodore computers ever since.

I also had a VIC-20 and later an Amiga 500.

Ever since early versions of "MESS" and other emulators I have also played around with emulated commodore computers and that interest has grown in recent years to the point of being out of control!

I recently (2023) started learning 6502 assembly and natuarlly chose using a c64 emulator as the platform to learn on. I also have recently been playing around with some fun BASIC programs.

You can view them on my GITHUB: