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Hello everyone!

I live in Argentina, was born in 1971, and started using the venerable C64 in 1983 or so, later moved (briefly) to C128, and used Amiga for a years before "falling back" to the PC world.
OS-wise, I used the 8-bit oldies, AmigaOS (several versions), DOS, Windows, and currently (2018) in my 20th year of using Linux.
My main language is Spanish, but I can communicate in English without too much effort.

Regarding programming, I had a look at Spectrum BASIC and TI BASIC shortly before using C64 BASIC V2.0; facing the limitations of the C64 in that area first I ported some BASIC programs (mainly TI99/4a games) to C64 using a lot of POKEs in the screen area to replace the missing functions, then I moved to programming for the 6510 in Assembler. Never coded a game or anything that interesting/amazing, but I did code a tape-2-disk copier back then, as most games in Argentina were in tape format (mainly due to the prize of a 1541, let alone a 1571 or better!).
Nowadays, and after touching one programming language or another, including VBA, PureBasic, Gambas/Mono/.NET, etc, I decanted for Python. I don't master it (yet!) but it's easy, nice and powerful.

Time/work permitting, I use the VICE and WinUAE (on Linux) emulators.