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Man behind Mystery47. Who am i and why i'm interested Commodore 64?

Let's keep this short.

I'm just man born in year 1977 and when i was 6 years old i got my first computer Atari 800XL(i still have). After that soon i got my fingers on Commodore 128/64 and i was totally loved C64 games. Many computers have been in my life, but always there was much interest to C64 and playing games on it.

I have played different games all my life more or less, new or old ones. Now i'm seeking some difficulty from old games as in my youth with my old nickname Dan. Why Dan? Because many C64 games just have possibility to write only 3-letter names. It's short version from name Daniel that nickname i got in school when i was studying english 3th class.

Thats me!

Other hobbies

  • Linux distributions (elementaryOS, Bodhi linux)
  • Console gaming (Playstation 2-4)
  • Live gaming (Twitch: username mysterys47, Direct link:

Favorite Old Commodore64 Games

1. Delta/Delta Force (obsessed) 2. International Karate + 3. Lode Runner 4. Boulder Dash 5. Falcon Patrol 2 6. Arkanoid 7. International karate (1) 8. Bubble Bobble 9. The Great Gianna Sisters 10. 10th Frame

Favorite New Production Commodore64 Games

1. Spaceman Splorf: Planet of Doom (obsessed) 2. Aviator Arcade 2 3. Age of Heroes 4. Bomberland

Dreams to have...

  • Commodore 64/128 computer
  • Commodore C64 Mini (bought 2.2.2019)