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Hello C64-Freaks,

My interests in the C64 and Amiga are programming in BASIC, COMAL80, assembler and C and run old programs and games.

My first encounter with comal80 was when i learned it at evening high school, and got at cartridge from a friend who did'nt used it.

I live in Denmark and was born in 1971. My first computer was the C64 with tape drive (bought from my own money) in December 1986 (just before Christmas).

I sold My C64 a couble years later when I won a Amiga 2000 in a Danish magazine, and that I sold also when I bought my first PC (486 DX).

Today I use a AMD PC sometimes nootebook to run my 2 favorite Emulators "CCS" and "VICE" and start programming.

I have an education in computers and have worked as programmer for many years.

In the moment I have som sparetime, so i will write some pages on C64-Wiki.