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In the Commodore world I've started with the VC20 and about one year later, about 1988, the C64 arrived. Beside the many games, sometimes I've programmed a little bit and I build some hardware extensions and added them.

In the last time it happens even more often that I use it again, but the emulator on the PC is the easier way.

My own 'production' year is 1974 and I never get off the themaic and so I have today a little company for IT services in Germany (

My actual collection looks like this:

  • C64A (1x)
  • C64G or Aldi, I'm still not shure (1x)
  • 1541-II (3x)
  • Datasette 1530 (1x)
  • Centronics Interface 7806 (1x)
  • Competition Pro blue with micro switches (1x)
  • Quick Joy II Turbo (1x)
  • Quick Joy III (1x)
  • Rockfire (1x)
  • Color monitor (1x) similar to the 170x and 108x models