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Coder, gamer, complainer from!

By day I'm a full-stack software developer (JS, PHP, C#, C++, etc).

By night I'm.. also a full-stack software developer, just more interested in game development. ;)

I also greatly enjoy computer history, and a smidge of electronics now and then.

I had a whole bunch of home computers, growing up: the first being ZX81 hooked up to a sad little B&W television. But eventually I worked through a Mattel Aquarius, TRS-80 Model II. But you're probably more interested in the VIC-20 I had. And then, eventually in the late 80s, early 90s, I had a C=128D. (Or, as I just learned to my surprise, it's actually a "128DCR". Never knew there were two different "D" models.) I used to call bulletin boards at 300 baud on it.

(Don't ask about it's grisly fate.)

Anyway, back in January 2018, I decided to give eBay a shot and found a nearly mint condition 128DCR (like I had) for a decent price, from a cool guy. I had the keyboard from the 1990s... and then, after the 128DCR arrived, I uh... couldn't find it. Descriptions of the ensuing anguish and pain will be omitted, and instead I'll say that I wound up picking up a decent plain ol' C=128 ("No bloody D, or DCR.") with a 1702 monitor. And... then an SD card drive. And... and... and... *addiction*.

So. Yeah, I'm having fun. :)

Twitter: @fortyseven