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Howdy from Texas, C64 fans!


In 1978 my dad bought the Sears TeleVideo version of an Atari VCS (later called a 2600) which got me interested in computers and how they worked.

My first microcomputer in 1980 was a TRS-80 Color Computer which I learned BASIC, Extended BASIC, and Motorola 6809 assembly (EDTASM!) with.

In 1982, my dad bought a C64 which I played with at his house and promptly got hooked on the VIC graphics and SID sounds.

Soon after, a local company bought me a C64 in return for doing some custom programming for them and generally helping them with their computers.


Today I still have a working C64c with a homebrew power brick, uIEC drive, and 64NIC+ networking, but mostly use emulators on a Linux box to save wear and tear on my machine.

I've recently disassembled the entire C64 BASIC ROM and KERNAL V3 ROM and commented them based on the comments from the original Micro-soft and Commodore source code, and been working on my own TCP/IP stack in 6502 assembly on the 64NIC+.

I also mess about with the NXP LPC1114FN28 microcontroller and Raspberry Pi boards which I have interfaced to my C64 User Port.

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I recently bought the 64Forth cartridge from a retrogames shop and saw the Forth-related pages here were on the "wanted" list... so here we are.

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