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SYBEX logo
Founded 1976
Headquarters Great Britain
Manager Dr. Rodnay Zaks (1976-2005)
Key People (choice)
Sector Computer Books, Software
Information In 2005 assumed by John Wiley & Sons Inc

The pionier of computer books Sybex Inc. was founded in 1976 by Dr. Rodnay Zaks in Berkeley (California, USA) and Paris (France). The first book title "Microprocessors" was a bestseller.

In 1981 the German division of Sybex called SYBEX Verlag (SYBEX-Verlags- und Vertriebs-GmbH) was founded.

In 2005 Sybex Inc. was assumed by publisher John Wiley & Sons Inc., which the label SYBEX used.

Published Books (selection)[edit | edit source]

Commodore[edit | edit source]

Microprocessor 6502[edit | edit source]

Others[edit | edit source]

  • Les Microprocesseurs: Techniques et applications (1977)
  • From Chips to Systems: An Introduction to Microprocessors (1979)
  • The CP/m Handbook With Mp/M (1980)
  • An introduction to Pascal (including UCSD Pascal) (1980)
  • Don't: Or how to care for your Computer (1981)
  • International Microcomputer Dictionary
  • Introduction to Word Processing
  • Introduction to Wordstar
  • Mastering VisiCalc
  • Doing Business with VisiCalc
  • Doing Business with SuperCalc
  • VisiCalc for Sience and Engineering
  • Executive Planning with BASIC
  • BASIC for Business
  • Fifty BASIC Exercises
  • Inside BASIC Games
  • The Pascal Handbook
  • Doing Business with Pascal
  • Pascal Programs for Scientists and Engineers
  • BASIC Programs for Scientists and Engineers
  • FORTRAN Programs for Scientists and Engineers
  • Mastering CP/M

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