Power Supply Repair

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The old Commodore 64 power supplies are prone to failure with over-voltage on the 5V line that will destroy your computer. This page describes how to fix your power supply.

To test your power supply see Power Supply Failure

WARNING[edit | edit source]

Extreme caution needs to be taken to avoid electrocution.

This exposes high voltage AC terminals. Do not perform this repair if you do not know what this means or if you do not know how to take the necessary precautions. Proceed with this repair at your own risk.

Repairable Power Supplies[edit | edit source]

  • 902503-02

902503-02[edit | edit source]

American model that is easily repairable since it has screws to remove the cover for easy access to the parts.

Over Voltage Repair[edit | edit source]

Required Tools[edit | edit source]

  • P2 Screw Driver
  • 7/32" or 5.5mm Hex Socket
  • AC and DC Volt Meter with 0.1V DC Accuracy
  • Soldering Iron with Solder and Desolder

Required Parts[edit | edit source]

5V Voltage Regulator. Only one of the following:

  • 3052P original part that is hard to find
  • NTE1934 new part
  • LM2596 cheapest option and most efficient

Instructions[edit | edit source]

Fuse Replacement[edit | edit source]

To be continued

Rectifier Replacement[edit | edit source]

To be continued

Capacitor Replacement[edit | edit source]

To be continued

Cord Repair[edit | edit source]

To be continued

Heat Sync for Voltage Regulator[edit | edit source]

To Be continued