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Quick start[edit | edit source]


This "quick-start manual" was created for players who learn by doing. As this simulation is very complex, it is unavoidable to read the closer description, if problems occur.


Start your first game with the following choices:

  1. Welcome: START A NEW CAREER
  2. Special Historical Period?: NO
  3. What nationality are you?: ENGLISH
  4. Type your name (max. 9 letters) and press RETURN
  5. You are an: APPRENTICE
  6. Special ability: SKILL AT FENCING


You need to know, when the TREASURE FLEET or the SILVER TRAIN will arrive. If you are asked about it by the programme, look in to the table and first choose the MONTH, then EARLY/LATE. For most of the games you will need the time of 1660. A wrong input leads to you not winning the following fencing battle and in succession to a mulled career!!

Start of the game[edit | edit source]

... the possibilites at the start of the game ...

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