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[edit] Part 1 - First experience in Chiba City

The first 10.000 on the account ...
Massage or info? ...
In Shin's Pawnshop you find your deck ...
Shiva in the Loser has important things for you ...
In Donut World there are talkative policemen ...

Awaking with a headache and the face in a synthetic paste, you know that the night had probably been a bit wild. Slowly your thoughts clear and you realise that you have a lot to do, a dangerous job awaits you, but you do own neither money nor equipment at the moment. But you want to know what happened to your friends and other persons that have disappeared into the Matrix. Only you have the chance to find it out.

NEUROMANCER is a unique game experience and a normal walkthrough as for text adventures or role games would not help much. There is no real need for a map, but you need the ability to note down the most important things. Furthermore, you don't really know what could be important. Therefore, this walkthrough shows, what order you could use for the different actions and what can be solved. Before you start, you should carefully read the manual, as there are many hints hidden. And also very important: save often. You can make a copy of disk 1 (it is not protected), with this you can create more savegames.

First, you need to get information. Information is the most important thing in this Cyberpunk world, which you belong to now, and you get it in two ways: talk to persons and the news in the PAX system. At the moment you have no computer yet, so it would be a good idea to get yours back.

Use the PAX service in the Chatsubo bar; read all news at the Bulletin Board and in the Night City News. These get you some Basic-Comlink-Codes and after that you will also know where your deck is. Furthermore you will read that somebody has your Cryptology Chip and another one trades software against caviar. Send a message in PAX to Armitage with your BAMA number and you will soon own enough money to get through the first parts of the game. Take all your money (12,000 credits) from the bank account (and note down your BAMA number, you will need it often) and pay Ratz the money that you owe him ($46).

After you have left the Chatsubo, go to the east (the upper rim of the screen is north). There you get to a Body Shop, where you can buy body parts, if you are in a really bad state, but you can bypass this by using save/load. At the opposite there is the Donut World, where there is a cop. Further to the east there is Larry Moe*s Microsofts Store. He will be important in the later course of the game. Instead, go to the Massage Parlor at the corner. The young lady must have found out something from their customers, as she has important information for you at the start of the game.

Now you should save your game, before you question her, as anytime she gives you a hint, you will be arrested, found guilty and sentenced to pay a penalty of $500 - $20.000 (or to death, if you're not groveling at the hearing - so grovel, you worm!!). By the way, any fine will only be deducted from your bank account, so be sure to always carry your cash with you. The lady has five pieces of information for you, so ask her until you die, reload the savegame and continue the game, until you have all the information. She will tell you the link-code and the password for the Panther Moderns and the link-code for the Bank of Zurich – Orbital, give you some hints about the banking and who you should trust and some information about Maas Biolabs.

Next to the Massage Parlor (into the south) there is the Shin's Pawnshop where you can redeem your Pawn Ticket and get your UXB deck back (you do not have to pay for it. Shin will give it to you anyway). This deck is really bad, you need to replace it later, but at the moment it must suffice. Opposite, there is the Cheap Hotel, where you also owe some money and you need to pay your bill, before you can enter. South of the Cheap Hotel there is the Gentleman Loser where a lady named Shiva waits for a conversation with you. Be nice and ask her about CRYPTOLOGY and she will give you a chip. Implant it and you can decode a few simple database passwords.

Now it is time to visit some databases, as they have some uplink-codes due to a favour by Matt Shaw (if not you have not read all messages). But first you should buy the Hardware Repair skill chip by Shiva, as your UXB is notoriously unreliable. Now visit the database of Regular Fellows (Link = REGFELLOW, Pw = VISITOR). Their BBS gives you the level 2 passwords for the Cheap Hotel and Asano Computing and will tell you who you should contact concerning the Japanese Companies. You can download BattleChess 2.0 and Scout 1.0. Then link yourself into the Cheap Hotel (Link = CHEAPO, Pw = COCKROACH) and use the level 2 password; it allows you to edit your bill and delete your debts. Then you can order caviar from the room service, then edit your bill again so your balance is zero. You can now register at the World Chess Federation (Link = WORLDCHESS) and play some games with BattleChess 2.0 (gets you some money). You can also dial level 2 on Asano Computing (after decoding the password) there you find some link-codes.

Now leave the Gentleman Loser and go north to the Cheap Hotel, to fetch the caviar. Then to the east passing the Metro Holografix and in the next screen into the entrance in the south to Crazy Edo's shop. Crazy Edo swaps you Comlink 2.0 for the caviar. Leave the shop and go north to the House of Pong. If you show respect for Nolan, he will instruct you to search for the holy joystick, which you can later swap against Skill Chips. Now go to the Cheap Hotel.

Your UXB deck has only a small memory, therefore now delete Comlink 1.0 and BattleChess 2.0. Log into the database at Panther Moderns (Link = CHAOS, Pw = MAINLINE) and read the news on the BBS. You will find much information now: how you can receive a paycheque without working; who knows about Cryptology, Coptalk, Evasion and Skill Chips; who knows something about the SENSE/NET; who has interesting link-codes; where you should start, if you are ready for the Cyberspace and where you find EasyRider 1.0, a priceless help, to cross zones in the Cyberspace. Send a message to Modern Bob and ask him about SEA and Hitachi Biotech Codes, then read your messages again, he answers straight away. Finally, download ComLink 3.0 into your software library.

The next stop is the Microsofts Store (west, south). Ask Larry about "Coptalk" and buy the chip. Implant it and now you can visit Donut World. When you enter it, activate the chip before you talk to the cop. He will give you the link-code for the Chiba Tactical Police and the encoded passwords for SEA and Fuji. Your Cryptology skill is not sufficient at the moment to decode these passwords. Your next job is to upgrade your skills and get more money. You must buy a Cyberspace-compliant deck and this is not really cheap!

[edit] Part 2 – raise skills and hack a bank

So many different things to buy ...
Like some skills? ...
Who is this working at Fuji? ...
In the police database ...
Lupus knows a golden bank account number ...
Bulk buying at Metro Holografix ...

Go to the Cheap Hotel, use the PAX and read the latest memos. You will find out that Shiva (of Gentleman Loser) has a pass for the Matrix Restaurant for you. You will also find codes for IRS and Citizens for a free Matrix (none of them has something important for you). Go south into the Loser and ask Shiva about the PASS. Leave the Gentleman Loser and go south. On the eastern side there is the entrance to Julius Deane’s Establishment. Ask him about "HARDWARE" and buy the gas mask (you will need it later).

Now ask Julius about "SKILL". He has "Bargaining" (useful but not necessary), "Philosophy", "Phenomenology" and "Psychoanalysis". The last three are needed for the Cyberspace, but wait until you own more money. Ask him about Cryptology and he will offer you to upgrade your skills. Upgrade to level 2 and now you can decode the passwords that the cop in Donut World has given you. Finally, ask him about Fuji, Hosaka, Musabori and Hitachi. He will give you passwords, but you will not be able to decode some of them with your current Cryptology Skill, so you can get it upgraded once again if you have enough money. But you can wait until you have more money. Go back to the Cheap Hotel.

Log in at SEA (Software Enforcement Agency, Link = SOFTEN, Pw = PERMAFROST), here you can download Comlink 4.0 and Sequencer 1.0 and upgrade Coptalk to level 2. Comlink 2.0 and 3.0 can be deleted. Sequencer 1.0 allows you to enter the basic level of a database without a password. Try it with Fuji Electric. Log into FUJI, (the welcome screen appears) click on the inventory icon and then on Sequencer 1.0 and you get the password ROMCARDS for level 1 of the database. Log out and in again and use the decoded 2nd level password (UCHIKATSU). Search the new T personnel-list, you will find out that Larry Moe has given himself a consultant job. Write down his BAMA number. If you read the last memo you will notice that Tozuko has taken over Fuji with criminal intent. Tozuko is a new name for you so log out and go back to Julius Deane's Establishment and ask him about "Tozoku". He will give you the link-code.

Go back to Donut World and use your Coptalk-chip. If the cop calls you the same name as in your first meeting, go out and enter again and try a different starting phrase. Now you can ask him where the Cyber-Cowboys get their black market-software and what the level 2 password for the Chiba Tactical Police is. Decode the password, then go to the Cheap Hotel. Log into the Chiba Tactical Police and use the level 2 password (Link = KEISATSU, Pw = SUPERTAC) and choose "Edit Warrants" from the menu. Click on "Edit" then on a name. You will be asked for a new name. Enter "LARRY MOE." and then his BAMA number (062788138). Log out again.

The cop doesn’t give you the database link-code for the Gentleman Loser, but "LOSER" is easy to guess. Use Sequencer 1.0 to get to level 1 and examine the BBS. You will find the uplink-codes for the Eastern Seaboard Fission Authority and the Bankgemeinschaft. Log into EASTSEABOD and use Sequencer 1.0 again. Look into the BBS. There you find the level 2 password for Gentleman Loser, can read where you find a joystick and find a warning about the carrier of the Free Matrix. Load the Comlink 5.0 in the Software Library. Now log again into the Gentleman Loser and use the level 2 password (Link = LOSER, Pw = LOSER) and examine the Sorcerer BBS. You will find a warning about a certain software and the encoded level 2 password for the Bankgemeinschaft (to decode this, you need Cryptology 3.0). In the Software Library you find BlowTorch 1.0, Hammer 1.0, and Probe 3.0. You will need this software only in Cyberspace, so load them when you have a better deck.

Next, visit Tozoku Imports (Link = YAKUZA) and use Sequencer 1.0 to get the level 1 password. In their library you find ComLink 6.0, BlowTorch 1.0 and Decoder 1.0. Now download Comlink 6.0. Delete Comlink 4.0 and 5.0 from the deck. Next, log into Hosaka Corporation and use for this the level-2 password that you have noted down, when reading the BBS of Panther Moderns (Link = HOSAKACORP, Pw = FUNGEKI). Choose the "New Employee Listings" and click on a name. You can edit it now, enter your own name that you have given yourself in the game and your BAMA number. Before you log out, load a copy of Comlink 6.0 into the database (upload software). This gets you a bonus of $7500. Last, log into the Bank of Zurich (Link = BOZOBANK) and use for this the Sequencer 1.0. Open an account and write down your new account number!!

Leave the hotel and go north to Larry Moe's (Microsofts Shop). Looks like the owner has to explain himself to the police... You can go through the back door into the Panther Moderns meeting room. Lupus Yonderboy might be a funny looking guy, but don’t tell him that. Ask carefully for his help, then ask him about SENSE/NET. Buy the pass. Ask about SKILL and buy the chip (Evasion). Ask him about "Cyberspace", "AI" and "Neuromancer". Finally ask him about BANK. It looks as if he skims from a certain account for years and gives you the number (646328356481). Note it down and then go back to the hotel. Log into the Bankgemeinschaft with the decoded level 2 password (Link = BANKGEMEIN, Pw = VERBOTEN) and choose the Transfer Operations (Funds Transfer). Enter the account number that Lupus has given you, then the destination BOZOBANK, the amount of the transfer (30.000) and your account number that you have there. Congratulations! You have just hacked a bank. (But this is only a small amount compared to what you will be able to get later). Log into the BOZOBANK and use Sequencer 1.0. Load the 30.000 onto your Credit-Chip (account operations, download credits).

It is time for a shopping tour before you enter the Cyberspace. Leave the hotel and visit Julius Deane. Buy the Psychoanalysis, Philosophy, and Phenomenology Chips. Further to Metro Holografix and ask for the JOYSTICK there. Buy it, then ask for SKILL. He sells you Icebreaking and Debug. Ask for SOFTWARE and buy Drill 1.0 (you can download the rest for free). Go to the House of Pong and trade the joystick against the Zen and the Sophistry Chip. Go back to the main street and save the game. Then go further to the east. The police robot can imprison you (but it does not have to happen) but you should only pay $500 penalty. Go back to the place where you got arrested and through the door to the south into the Matrix Restaurant. Listen to the conversation. They will speak about the “electronic gun” (a sort of trigger for self destruction) that every AI, that has been created, carries hard-wired in its conscience. This can be important for survival later. Ask about the "Old Chips to sell" and buy Logic, Software Analysis, and Musicianship. Install all your chips, then ask for UPGRADES. You can upgrade Debug to level 4, and Zen, Evasion, Software Analysis, and Hardware Repair to level 2. Do it.

After leaving, go to the west and north and visit Asano Computing. Use the "Bargaining" (if you own it) and ask Asano why Crazy Edo calls him a pig. He will lower his prices drastically if you go on talking bad about Crazy Edo. Buy the Ninja 4000 Cyberdeck, it has 20 slots for software and is fit for the Cyberspace. Then return to the Cheap Hotel.

Log into "Tozoku" (Link = YAKUZA, Pw = YAK) and download BlowTorch 1.0 and Decoder 1.0. Log into Gentleman Loser (Link = LOSER, Pw = LOSER) and download Hammer 1.0 and Probe 3.0. You are now prepared to enter the Matrix.

[edit] Part 3 - zones 0, 1, 2, 3

An expedition into the Matrix should not end like this...
ICE is broken...
An AI blows hot air...
Such a nice salary in between is not bad...
The flight to Zion Cluster ...
There are databases...
500.000$ change hands...

Before you visit the Cyberspace, check again, if you have everything. A Cyberspace Deck (e.g. Ninja 4000) with the following software: ComLink 6.0, Drill 1.0, Hammer 1.0, Decoder 1.0, BlowTorch 1.0, Probe 3.0, and Sequencer 1.0. Additionally you need the following skills: ICEbreaking, Psychoanalysis, Logic, Philosophy, Phenomenology, Sophistry, Zen 2, Evasion 2, Software Analysis 2, and Debug 4. Always save the game before you enter the Cyberspace. When you have left the Cyberspace, always debug your software (a "-" in front of the program shows that it has crashed), and wait until your health has recovered to 2000 again, before you return to Cyberspace.

Zone 0: You enter the Cyberspace in Zone 0, if you use the connector in the Cheap Hotel. The ICE, that protects the databases here is rather weak and cannot harm you much, if you are quick. The first database that you should crack is the Panther Moderns. You can identify every database by breaking in and using Probe 3.0. To make it easier, the Panther Moderns database is located at x=224 y=112 (look at the coordinates at the lower rim of the screen). Click on the skill icon and use ICEbreaking, then click on your inventory. You own four ICEbreaking programs; Drill 1.0 is the best of them, so use it first. As soon as you have fired a fusillade, instantly return with the cursor to the inventory icon and click it (this has to happen fast). This allows you to “load” another ICEbreaker before the first is used up. (This works better and faster with the keyboard controls). After Drill 1.0 use Hammer 1.0, Blowtorch 1.0, and Decoder 1.0, then start again with Drill 1.0. You execute this until the ICE is destroyed. Now you can get Blowtorch 3.0, Decoder 2.0, and Thunderhead in the software library. The last program is a virus program. Virus programs can only be used once, so load a few of them. Then leave the database and the Cyberspace, debug your software, bring your health to 2000 (wait) and save the game.

A word about ICEbreaker. As you will see, there are three levels of ICEbreaking software: Good (Hammer, Blowtorch, Decoder), Better (DoorStop, Drill) and Best (Concrete, DepthCharge, LogicBomb). The "Best" is twice as good as the "Better" and these are again twice as good as "Good". That means: Concrete 1.0 is equivalent to Drill 2.0 and Hammer 4.0. But every time you use an ICEbreaker against ICE, it will get weaker. If you use Blowtorch 3.0 it will turn to Blowtorch 2.0 the next time, then to 1.0 and then useless. So better start with the best ICEbreaker, then the next best and so on, then again from the start.

The rest of zone 0 is rather useless, but two databases have AIs that you have to fight: World Chess and Psychologist. You should start with Psychologist (x= 96, y=32). First crack the ICE as described above, but now you have better ICEbreaker and some virus programs. After having used the ICEbreaking skill, use Thunderhead 1.0, which weakens the ICE (it changes the colour while the virus works), the use Blowtorch 3.0, Drill 1.0, and Decoder 2.0.

The AI (Chrome) appears. You fight an AI by using skills and you have to be fast. First use Psychoanalysis to identify the weakness of the AI (if existent). First use the skill that exploits the weakness (with Chrome it is Philosophy), the rotate through the other skills (e.g.: (1) Philosophy, (2) Logic, (3) Philosophy, (4) Phenomenology, (5) Philosophy, etc.). While using the skills you will get hit and you cannot protect yourself, but you can use the skill "Zen" to heal yourself and in the worst case "Evasion" to abort the fight. This needs a little practice but it should be possible for you to erase Chrome. In the database there is nothing special, only a few files to read, but you can download a Thunderhead 1.0 as a substitute for the used one. Then leave the Matrix, heal your wounds and debug your software.

If you look at your skills now, you will notice that Phenomenology, Logic, Philosophy, and Sophistry have all been raised to level 2. Every time you teach an AI a defeat these four skills will be raised by one level. Return to the Matrix and try your luck with Morphy (weakness: Logic), the AI of the World Chess database (x=160, y=80). In the database you find Battlechess 4.0, load it, you will need it later.

There is a faster way to raise your skills. If you avoid AIs from now on and work your way through the zones to zone 3, you will find the Turing Registry. In this database you find "manuals" with which you can raise Psychoanalysis to level 4 and Sophistry, Philosophy, Logic and Phenomenology to level 5. But if you play "normal", you will also acquire them before you reach this database. But if you want to profit from this "insider knowledge"...

Zone 1: You enter zone 1 through the connector in the Gentleman Loser and find yourself in the Matrix in front of the Loser database (x=416, y=64), you should visit it. In the database you find Slow 1.0, a "Corrupter" which slows down the reaction of the ICE onto your attacks and another virus (Injector 1.0). Other helpful programs can be found in the Copenhagen University (x=320, y=32),which contains Jammies 1.0 (Corrupter) and Doorstop 1.0; Tozoku Imports (x=480 y=80) another virus and better ICEbreakers; I.R.S. (x=272 y=64); S.E.A (x=352 y=64); and Eastern Seaboard Fission Authority (x=384 y=32). Whichever you do first, after you have defeated one, your ICEbreaking skill will rise to 2. From now on, the ICEbreaking skill will rise by one level, if you gain a victory in a new zone against an ICE.

The AIs in zone 1 can be found in N.A.S.A. (x=448 y=32, AI = Hal, weakness: Logic) and Citizens for a Free Matrix (x=352 y=112, AI = Sapphire, weakness: Sophistry). N.A.S.A. has Python 2.0 (Acid), BlowTorch 4.0, and Decoder 4.0. The only program that can be downloaded from C.F.M, is Blammo 1.0 which you do not need (all the software by the Free Matrix DB is contaminated, a trap for Cyber-Cowboys). However, you should first defeat C.F.M, as Hal is stronger and by this you own higher skill-levels. Central Justice and the Chiba Tactical Police contain no software and not much information. Corrupters should be used before virus and ICEbreaker.The order should be: ICEbraking Skill, then first Jammies, followed by Slow, then a virus and your best ICEbreaker.

Zone 2: Zone 2 can be entered through connectors that you find in Fuji, Hosaka, and Musabori. As you already “work” for Hosaka, just go the far east and at the energy gate answer the monitoring system with HOSAKA. Behind that are the companies Hosaka, Fuji, and Hitachi. When you enter the company Hosaka, you get your salary ($10.000), which is added to your Credit-Card (and probably does it good). The only software that you can find in the Matrix in zone 2 is in the Hosaka database (x=144 y=160), where you can download Hammer 4.0, Concrete 1.0, Slow 2.0, Injector 2.0, and Mimic 2.0. You should load them all and after that delete Slow 1.0 and Injector 1.0 from the deck. The only AI in zone 2 is in Musabori. The AI is Greystoke, but he is too strong for you at the moment, so leave him. Neither Fuji Electric nor Hitachi Biotech offer much help or information.

Zone 3: To reach zone 3, you need to make a small trip. From Cheap Hotel go to the south until you reach the space harbour at the end of the street in the west. From here you can fly to Zion Cluster or Freeside. Buy a ticket for Zion. When you arrive, ask the old man about BANKS, then about GEMEINSCHAFT. He will tell you the code for the vault (BG1066). Then use your Musicianship-Skill to play "Dub" and you will get into the spaceship of Maelcum, that gets you to Freeside. On Freeside avoid the Villa Straylight (a trap) and the Bank Gemeinschaft, whose vault now contains a Cyberspace connector to zone 5. Go to the Bank of Berne and say that you want to open an account. While the cashier clerk gets her drafts, you can slip into the manager’s empty office, where you find a Cyberspace connector.

Enter the Matrix, here are five databases and all of them are important. The best order to visit them is: 1) Free Sex Union x = 288, y = 208. Here is an AI named Xaviera, weakness: Phenomenology. You have to kill it first to raise your AI-Skills. 2) Turing Registry x = 432, y = 240, allows you to upgrade your AI-Skills (if you have played "normal", they are already there and you should first visit (3)) and Psychoanalysis. 3) D.A.R.P.O. x = 336, y = 240, here your find Thunderhead 3.0, Injector 3.0, Concrete 2.0, and Drill 3.0. 4) Screaming Fist x = 464, y = 160, here you find Slow 3.0, Depthcharge 3.0, Python 3.0, a strange program that is called KGB 1.0 (important later), Easy Rider 1.0, with which you get into every zone from every Cyberspace connector (important), and Armorall 1.0, with which you can bring your shield again to full strength. Armorall can be used as often as its version number indicates. 5) Bank of Berne x = 336, y = 160, contains another AI named Gold, whose weakness is Philosophy. This bank database contains also a way to transfer capital (funds transfer). Read the Message Board. You find a message, which contains an account number (121519831200) and the new authorization code (LYMA1211MARZ). You find $500.000 in this account, which you transfer to your BOZOBANK, account number (712345450134). In the software library you also find Slow 3.0 and Armorall 1.0 (if you do not own it yet). Back from Cyberspace you should now load the $500.000 from the Bozobank (Link = BOZOBANK, then use Sequencer 1.0) onto your Credit-Card (account operations, download credits). Back in Chiba City you should first go into the Cheap Hotel and transfer by PAX $400.000 to your bank there. Now go to Asano Computing, rant about Crazy Edo again and by a Ono-Sendai Cyberspace VII Deck. You will need it, as from now on it gets hard.

[edit] Part 4 - zones 4, 5, 6, 7, endgame

Who is that... Dixie Flatline as ROM? ...
The software in the database of the KGB is just great! ...
The last words of the AI Sangfroid from Maas Biolabs ...
The end fight against Neuromancer starts ...
Neuromancer tries a last trick, not everything is real...

Zone 4: Go back to the Cheap Hotel, with Easy Rider 1.0 you can reach every zone in the Cyberspace and the hotel is located relatively centrally. Visit the Matrix, move to zone 4 (choose Easy Rider 1.0 to switch it on), here are only 2 databases. First visit the Gridpoint (x = 160, y = 320). Read the news there. The software library contains some good programs (Thunderhead 3.0, Hammer 5.0, Armorall 2.0, and a program named Jammies 3.0, which temporarily numbs an ICE. Jammies does not work very effectively in lower versions, but 3.0 can be used to shoot one or two shots before the ICE attacks.

The other database in zone 4 is SENSE/NET (x = 48, y = 320). In it you find out the number of the only available ROM-construct, the legendary Dixie Flatline. After you have taken possession of the number, leave the Matrix and go to the east into the High-Tech-Area (energy grid code: HOSAKA); SENSE/NET is behind the southern door. Give them the pass and if you are asked for a code, enter the one you have found in the Cyberspace database (0467839), you will get the ROM-construct. This can be very helpful for debugging or analysing of software while you are in Cyberspace, furthermore, it knows if there is an AI in a database. Additionally it watches the activity of the ICE and your health level.

Zone 5: Go back to the Cheap Hotel and from there into the Cyberspace to zone 5 (with Easy Rider 1.0). This contains 5 databases. Two of them are banks, Bank Gemeinschaft and Bank of Zurich Orbital, which do not contain anything interesting but are heavily secured with ICE. Bell Europa, the third database does also not contain anything really important. The interesting databases are Nihilist x = 416, y = 368 and I.N.S.A. x = 448, y = 320. Both contain very useful software for fights to come. Nihilyst contains Python 5.0 a potential virus (important), Slow 4.0 (important) and Logic Bomb 3.0 a good ICEbreaker and in I.N.S.A. you find Armorall 3.0 (important) with which you can load the shield of the deck 3x, Injector 5.0, a good virus and Hammer 6.0. (for comic relief you can also decode code words in this database). Leave the Matrix and regenerate yourself and your software.
(The database Screaming Fist in zone 3 (x = 464, y = 160) contains Python 3.0 and the database D.A.R.P.O. in zone 3 (x = 336, y = 240) contains Injector 3.0 and Thunderhead 3.0, if you need virus programs for this task).

Zone 6: In zone 6 there are only two databases, both protected with strong ICE and both contain AIs. Try KGB (x = 112, y = 416) first, as in this database there are real treasures of software, e.g. Slow 5.0, Armorall 4.0, LogicBomb 6.0, Concrete 5.0, the unique Depthcharge 8.0, Injector 5.0, Probe 15.0 and Jammies 4.0. In this database there is the AI Lucifer, weakness: Logic. Then you can face Maas Biolabs (x = 112, y = 480). In this database there is the AI Sangfroid, weakness: Phenomenology. After you have broken into the database from the Matrix, you have access to their security system. This allows you to unlock the front door of the building in the Real World and send the security robot away (Lawbot Alarm is OFF, Main Entrance is UNLOCKED). After leaving the Matrix, go into the south to the entrance of Biolabs, put on the gas mask and look at the CyberEyes project. If you want you can be a tester for the project yourself (always answer with YES), you will get a deck with 32 slots for software implanted. Then return to the hotel. If you have read all the texts in the databases that you have visited until now, you will know what the AI's have planned and who is behind all that. You also know that there are still only 4 AIs left and who your true enemies are. Now it gets serious...

Zone 7: In zone 7 there are three databases, all of them utterly important. The first ways leads you to the database Phantom x = 320, y = 464, the AI is also named Phantom and its weakness is Logic or Battle Chess 4.0 !! So if you have broken the ICE, leave your skills in the background and play chess with the AI (access Battle Chess 4.0), Phantom will be grateful and let you enter the database. In the database you find the program Hemlock 1.0. Download it, it is the Shootgun program (the destruction program) for Greystocke, the AI of Musabori.

You have only three obstacles left to overcome and one of it is no problem any more. Go back to zone 2 to the database of Musabori Industries (x=208 y=208). The ICE is easily defeated with your current equipment and also Greystoke has no chance. As soon as he appears, use Hemlock 1.0, it will give him a quick ending. The dream of an AI super intelligence under the lead of Greystoke is over. In the database you find Kuang Eleven 1.0 in the data library. This is the Shootgun program for the most dangerous AI, for Neuromancer himself.

After a break and maybe reloading of Injector 5.0 in the KGB database, the ally of Neuromancer will be in for it. Back in zone 7 go to the Tessier-Ashpool database (x = 384, y = 416), in which resides the AI Wintermute, whose weakness is Sophistry. The database is secured with an ICE with the strength of 2000 and the AI is very strong, so be prepared for an interesting fight, if your skills are not on the highest value possible to this point. In the database are a few, but insightful messages.

Endgame: After you have organized your software and your health is back again to 2000, it is time for the showdown. Go back to zone 7 to Allard Technologies (x=432 y=464). After you have broken through the ICE bank, Neuromancer appears and you will suddenly find yourself back on a deserted island. Neuromancer will explain to you some mysteries of the game and then leave you alone. You cannot go anywhere, but your life energy decreases constantly. In the game, there is a hint about AIs that can change the sight onto reality in Cyberspace, Neuromancer is such an AI. You are still in Cyberspace, but you just don't see it. Use your Logic, Phenomenology and Philosophy Skill once and you will get Neuromancer to not being able to keep up his illusion (your Rom-construct "Dixie Flatline" will also notify). As soon as you see the normal Cyberspace again, instantly use Kuang Eleven 1.0 against him and then all AI skills that you still have. The fight will last some time, but with all AI skills at 10 and the skill Zen 2 you will win it. You have made it and can watch the slow mental dissolution of Neuromancer and the ending.

The end of Neuromancer and the ending as a slide show...

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