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Mirrorsoft Ltd.
Founded 1982
Closed 1992
Headquarters Bristol, Great Britain, UK
Manager Jim Mackonochie, Robert Maxwell
Key People (choice)
Sector Software, computer games
Information Take over by Acclaim Entertainment in 1992

The company Mirrorsoft was founded in 1982 by Robert Maxwell and Jim Mackonochie for publishing educational software. In 1983 the distribution was expanded to home computer games. The company group had labels and development studios as Cinemaware, Image Works, Mirror Image, Arena Entertainment, Spectrum Holobyte and PSS.

In the year 1989 Mirrorsoft was awarded with the Golden Joystick Award in the category Software House of the Year for 16 bit software.
After the death of company founder Maxwell in 1991 Mirrorsoft was bought through Acclaim Entertainment one year later. The company name and their labels disappeared from the software market.

C64 games (selection)[edit | edit source]

Not listed are those C64 games that were published under the Mirrosoft label Image Works.

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