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Category interface
Developer GGLABS
Year 2015
Availability $55 assembled
C64 software Commodore BASIC, terminal programs
C64 interface User Port
Remote software tcpser
Remote interface DB9 connector (male)
Remote platform Linux machine, commonly a Raspberry Pi

The GLINK-LT is a card that connects to the C64 user port and provides the computer with a male DB9 connector at standard RS-232C voltages. This allows connectivity over null modem cable. The device, though designed with modern components, is essentially a clone of the VIC-1011 RS-232 adapter.

From basic the GLINK-LT provides up to 2400 baud worth of bandwidth. The device can function at up to 9600 baud for programs that support this, such as Novaterm and Striketerm.

Variants[edit | edit source]

  • GLINK232 a cartridge port variant of the same device.
  • GLINKUSB-LT a user port variant that provides a USB connector but requires the remote device use a driver for the FTDI chip.

Common Configurations[edit | edit source]

Frequently, the GLINK-LT is paired with a Raspberry Pi or other inexpensive single board Linux computer via USB null modem cable. The remote Linux computer runs tcpser which translates serial Hayes modem commands to TCP packets.