Commodore B128

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Commodore B128
Type: Business Computer
Producer: Commodore
Price: 1700 US$
Released: 1982
Discontinued: 1983
Processor: MOS 6509 @ ca. 2 MHz
Memory: 128 KByte, upgradeable to 256 Kbytes internally

The B128 business computer (sometimes known as the CBM II series, or 600-series in Europe) was to be Commodore’s successor to the PET series of business machines. There were other similar "B Series" models, some with built-in floppy drives, and even a swivel monitor attached to the top (the High Profile models). All of the current Commodore peripherals could be used with the "B Series", this includes cassette data recorders, floppy drives, and printers. The machine featured the MOS 6509 microprocessor, the 6581 SID audio chip, IEEE-488 port, RS-232C port, DatassetteTM port, video port, audio port, cartridge port, and 80-column video via the 6545 CRTC.

Initially, the B128 was to allow for an additional 8088 CPU card or Z80, to be compatible with MS-DOS or CP/M, respectively. Due to the short lives nature of the machine, however, only a few prototypes of these cards were ever released.

The B-series of machines did not sell well, as Commodore at the time had engineering difficulties, strong competition with the introduction of the IBM PC, and the success of the Commodore 64. Eventually the products were liquidated by Protecto.

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