Macro Assembler Development System

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The Macro Assembler Development System or the Commodore Assembly Development System Package was published in 1982 by Commodore. It contains different tools for developmenting assembler and machine code language programs. Also exists a huge manual, that descripe the basics of assembler developement.

This programs contains the floppy disk or tape:

  • DOS WEDGE64 - start program for version 5.1 (DOS5.1 is the machine code program).
  • EDITOR64 - editor program for assembler for the high memory aera ($C000); start with SYS 49152.
  • ASSEMBLER64 - editor program for assembler of EDITOR64 for the normal memory aera ($0800); start with RUN.
  • HI- and LO-Loader - load and move machine language code programs to another memory address (load with LOAD "LOLOADER64",8 (version $0800) and start with RUN; load with LOAD "HILOADER64",8,1 and start with SYS 51200.
  • MONITOR$C000 and MONITOR$8000 - (hexadecimal load and start address of the machine langugae code monitores, also start with SYS 49152 or SYS 32768).
  • BOOT ALL - load and starts the programs DOS WEDGE 5.1, HI-LOADER and EDITOR64 together.
  • CROSSREF64 - prints out the cross reference listing of the assembler.

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