Commodore 1702

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The Commodore 1702 or in German VC-1702 is a model of video monitors for the Commodore 64, capable of split Chroma/Luma (S-Video) input (Commodore Video), which allows it to display a sharper image than a TV, and it also takes a standard composite input. Since it was designed for the Commodore 64, it also matched the color scheme, though it works great with a VCR, DVD player, other Commodore computers/Game systems, and even with a cable box. It is a truly versatile monitor. It was also designed to be portable, hence the handles in the side and the lighter weight in comparison to most other CRT's. It only has mono sound. Analog picture controls. And, if I believe so, it can do both NTSC and PAL, making it a jack of all trades internationally.

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