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Centronics Data Computer Corporation
[[Image:|center|Company logo]]
Founded 1971
Closed approx. 1987
Headquarters Hudson, New Hampshire, U.S.
Manager Robert Howard, Samuel Lang (Founder)
Key People (choice) Chuck Peddle
Sector Hardware (Printers)

The American company Centronics Data Computer Corporation (short: Centronics) was a manufacturer of computer printers and in the 1970s a US market leader for printers.

The company became known for its printer connection, called the Centronics interface or Centronics connector. The Centronics interface was also build-in to many old computer systems and parallel printers from about 1970. Today the Centronics interface is also known as IEEE-1284.

History[edit | edit source]

The famous Centronics cable for using with printer and Commodore Userport.

Centronics began as a division of Wang Laboratories and was founded by Robert Howard (president) and Samuel Lang (vice president, also owner of K&L Color Photo Service Lab in New York City) in 1971.

The first printer was the Centronics Model 101 and was introduced in May 1970.

In the 1970s Centronics had relationships with other printer making companies such as Brother, Canon, Mannnesmann AG and Tandy.

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