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An overview of the icons for joystick movements, that can be used in game articles of the C64-Wiki.

Template Short form Display Meaning
{{Joy|Neutral}} do not move joystick in resting position
{{Joy|Forwards}} {{Joy|F}} Joystick forwards pull forwards
{{Joy|RightForwards}} {{Joy|RV}} Joystick right forwards pull right-forwards
{{Joy|Right}} {{Joy|R}} Joystick right pull right
{{Joy|RightBackwards}} {{Joy|RB}} Joystick right backwards pull right backwards
{{Joy|Backwards}} {{Joy|B}} Joystick backwards pull backwards
{{Joy|LeftBackwards}} {{Joy|LB}} press fire button pull left-backwards
{{Joy|Left}} {{Joy|L}} Joystick left pull left
{{Joy|LeftForwards}} {{Joy|LF}} Joystick left forwards pull left-forwards
{{Joy|LeftRight}} {{Joy|LR}} Joystick left and right pull left-right
{{Joy|ForwardsBackwards}} {{Joy|FB}} forwards and backwards pull forwards-backwards
{{Joy|LeftForwardsRightBackwards}} {{Joy|LFRB}} Joystick left, forwards, right and backwards pull in horizontal or vertical direction
{{Joy|AllDirections}} {{Joy|AD}} In all directions pull in all directions
{{Joy|Fire}} {{Joy|Fire}} press fire button in resting position + press fire button
{{Joy|ForwardsFire}} {{Joy|F|Fire}} Joystick forwards and press fire button pull forwards + press fire button
{{Joy|LeftBackwards|Fire}} {{Joy|LB|Fire}} press fire button and press fire button pull left-backwards + press fire button