ADC $hhll, X

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Mnemonic: ADC $hhll, X
2. Schreibweise: {{{2. Schreibweise}}}
Opcode: $7D
Operator(en): $ll $hh
Byte count: 3
Command type: Arithmetic- and logic command
Address mode: absolute X indexed
register flags:
Carry Flag
Negative Flag
Overflow Flag
Zero Flag
Cycles: 4
1 cycle when crossing page boundary

The assembler command ADC $hhll, X adds the content of memory location ($hhll + X) to the accumulator.
If the carry flag is set the result is incremented by one.
Therefore the carry flag should be cleared with CLC before an addition; unless the behaviour is intended.
The result is stored in the accumulator.
If the result is bigger than 255 ($ff) the carry flag is set as overflow bit.

Function flow

Ass befehl 7d.gif

Explanation of the mnemonic shortcut

ADC ADd with Carry
Add accumulator with operator and carry flag