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Greetings from a fellow C64 enthusiast from The Netherlands.

Back in the early 80s, the C64 was the first "home-computer" that I touched. (Of course, we had a version of "PONG", that we could connect to the TV a few years before -- but that's not quite the same.)

Always interested in technology and computers. Early 90s I moved on to the IBM PC architecture. Switched to open source operating systems around 2000 -- so my current workstation obviously runs some flavour of Linux. :)

The only job I ever had was programming computers and doing related system administration. I am currently self-employed, developing server- and mobile applications.

As a kid I never really "got" machine language although I was once introduced to it... Only recently, after restoring some old C64s, I started to pick it up again. Discovered this wiki and now very regularly use it to look-up information about machine language instructions.

My hobbies involve computers, electronics (micro-controllers, like Arduino and others), and making music with those two hobbies combined. I am also interested in language (in the broadest term: for both programming and communication) -- I speak Dutch and English fluently but have only a very basic understanding of German and French (just what I remember learning in school back in the 90s).

I currently own a few C64s (most of which I had to repair to bring back to life) and a pair of Amiga 500s. My main interest is the Commodore 64.