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Delphini was picked as a name for my business. Whether or not I made profit from any of my labor, all programs, correspondence and works by me would have the “Delphini” name.

I choose “Delphini” as I has always been able to find items, procedures, and people when everyone else gave up.

My original pick was “Delphinus” but there were too many companies using that name. “Delphini” is part of the stars name in the Constellation “Delphinus”.

I have always loved dolphins, swam with them, and while cruising on the submarine they were always jumping and playing with us as if we were a big dolphin friend playing with them.

I am Retired Submariner. My Rate was Interior Communications. Rank at retirement was Chief Petty officer.

My first computer was a Vic20 and very frustrated with so little memory and display. I bought a C64 and loved it. Bought a 1541 to go with it but didn't like the slow serial.

Saved up for a 1571 and was very happy with it. Bought a Promenade to change the kernal rom. That was fun.

The Navy needed a micro miniature repair person to repair multilevel boards so I went and loved it.

My first personal project was to repair holes drilled into a 4016 I bought to have something to repair and was extremely happy that it was fast and fun to get the screen working with the extra 16k of memory!

My second project was to replace the C64 memory chips with 256k chips and it worked. I could select each of the 4 64k banks and it retained the data in the other banks.

I did not work out how to switch the ram in an out in software, mainly because I didn't have the time.

I now have the time (sort of) to work on projects. The 256k has already been done so I am working on doing the projects I have put off.