SEUCK Buster V1.2

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SEUCK Buster V1.2

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SEUCK Buster V1.2
Title Cover Description
Developer Richard Bayliss
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Publisher Richard Bayliss
Release 1985
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Platform C64
Genre Game Construction Kit
Operation Keyboard
Media Diskette
Language(s) Language:english

SEUCK Buster was a small program which was written by Richard Bayliss. It was an Action Replay/Retro Replay/Reset Cartridge supported program that could allow the user to install title screen music into their own SEUCK creations, without needing the programming knowhow. The concept of the program was simple. The user could load their relocated JCH/DMC or any other init $1000 play $1003 tunes to $9000 and let the program add it to the game.

Not only could the user play music with this creation, but they could also update the rolling colour bars (if those were used of course).