Commodore 116

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Commodore 116
Commodore 116
Type: Home Computer
Producer: Commodore
Price: 99 £, (199 DM, ca. 100 €)
Released: 1984
Discontinued: 1985
Processor: MOS 7501/8501 @ 0,885/1,76 MHz
Memory: 16 KByte, upgradeable
Info: Part of the Commodore-264 series, sold only in European Countries

The Commodore 116 (short for: C116) is a Commodore home computer, which is as the C16 and the Plus/4 part of the Commodore-264 series. It looks similar to the Plus/4 but has a smaller housing with a rubber keyboard and is the cheaper version of the C16. The C116 was produced and sold only in Europe in the years 1984 and 1985. The production output was about 51.000 models, of which 44.000 were sold in Germany. This low-cost C16 version was intended only for the European market. The Commodore series 264 could all use the same software.

The OS is an advanced version of BASIC (version 3.5). The software is not compatible to the C64. The devices datasette 1531 and the disk drive 1551 can only be connected (without adapters) to the Commodore-264 series.


[edit] Layout

[edit] Right side

  • Power switch

[edit] Back side

Commodore 116 back side

[edit] Left side

  • TV connector, aerial socket (HF modulator output) to connect a TV (depending on the version NTSC or PAL)

[edit] Mainboard

Commodore 116 packing
  • Processor: MOS 7501 or 8501 with 0,89 to 1,76 MHz storage cycle
  • Memory: 16 KByte RAM, of which are 12277 bytes free and usable under BASIC
  • ROM: 32 KByte altogether, split into:
    • CBM BASIC V3.5 (16 KByte) ($8000-$BFFF; 32768-49151)
    • Operating system, KERNAL (14 KByte) ($D800-$FFF9; 55296-65529)
    • Character set (2 KByte) ($D000-$D7FF; 53248-55295)
  • Graphics: TED 8360
    • Display in text mode (either capitalization / graphic characters or uppercase / lowercase) 40 (columns) × 25 (lines) characters or in graphic mode (HiRes) 320×200 pixel or 160×200 pixel, as well as graphics with 5 lines text mode at 320×160 or 160×160 pixel, additionally shapes in BASIC
    • Colours: 121 (15 colours in 8 shades and black)
  • Sound: TED 8360 is also used to create sounds and can form 2 independent voices with tones of over 4 octaves (about 28 notes without overtones) or noises.
  • Keyboard: 60 rubber keys (QWERTY), multi-assigned
  • Miscellaneous:
    • Power Supply: 9V over power supply unit with 220V at 50Hz

[edit] Block diagram

C116 Blockschaltbild.png

[edit] Purchased parts package

The purchased parts of a C116 package are (1984):

  • Computer (C116)
  • Power Supply
  • Manual Commodore 116 (ring binder)
  • Aerial cable
  • Commodore warranty card
  • Commodore extra guarantee
  • Interference free certificate
  • Cardboard package
  • Styrofoam shells top and bottom

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