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Welcome to the C64-Wiki

The C64-Wiki is a project to build a special C64 encyclopedia. Everybody is welcome to contribute to it. At the moment there are 1,131 articles of various topics. Authors wanted.

There are 105 articles under construction and 7,390 articles required!

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Update 10. January 2014 C64games.jpg

Following games are new on this homepage: Anabasis, Auf Achse, Blazing Castles, Bowman (Loadstar), Bunker (Sintax 1986), Colorout (Run), Gem Quest Preview, Go-Kart Simulator, King Solomons Mines, Laberinto (Sputnik World), Linnan Valtaus, Looter, Lunar Blitz RX, Melting Trail, Mini Arcade Climax, Moonspire Preview, Old Sam - The Bridgebuilder, P0Snake, Paper Plane, Penultimate Fantasy, Pixel City Skater, Power Pyramids and Tai Chi Tortoise..

Jodigi 00:36, 17. January 2015 (CET)

Artikel des Monats.gif Animation of the month January 2015 from the game Zaxxon (Synapse) (translated by: Camailleon) provided by Werner. Also marvel this nice animation in our game portal. Category: 3D-Scrolling Shoot'em Up from the year: 1984.

Jodigi 01:01, 06. January 2015 (CET)

The  LorbeerkranzLinks.png1.111LorbeerkranzRechts.png-th article: We have reached the next multidigit number. Many thanks to our user Camailleon for the article of the famous game company Melbourne House...
  Read more here and see a small overview of our project status.

Jodigi 11:11, 04. January 2015 (CET)

Update 31. December 2014 C64games.jpg

Following games are new on this homepage: Attack of the Mutant Aliens, Aviator Arcade, Blackjack aka Twenty-One, Boxing Manager 2 (Cult Games), Brick Buster (Software of Sweden), Brillant Maze, C-2048, Centipede Junior, Cherry Picker, Confused, Cowboy Duel - Live your Dream, Cowboy Duel Junior, Cowboy Kidz, Crillion Xmas 2014 Doreco Edition, Darkland, Darkland - The Lost Realm, Eelona the Warrior Princess Preview, Falling, Fickle, Foren Huren, Head-On (Compute), Heli Attack Preview, Honey Bee, International Karaoke Plus, Invader Alert, Kanga, Kings Valley Preview, 3D Roam, Boxmatch, Burnin Pen 64, Ciphoid 9, Donkey Kong Junior, Eggland, Fifth Axis, I can remember, Indoor Games Pack, Krakout (DoReCo-Edition), Mega-Pack (Prism Leisure), Savage Island (Savage Island 1+2), Sports Mix, The Dogs and The Lost Caves 9.

Jodigi 12:31, 01. January 2015 (CET)

Over  LorbeerkranzLinks.png1.000.000LorbeerkranzRechts.png visitors: We are proudly to announce, that over 1.000.000 visitors have enjoyed our international C64-Wiki project. Thank you very much for using, reading and writing in our C64-Wiki. See you soon back...
  Read more here and see a small overview of our project status.

Jodigi 00:05, 22. November 2014 (CET)

Update 24. July 2014 C64games.jpg

Following games are new on this homepage: Alter Ego, Amazon, Amity Island, Aurum, Breakthru in 3D, Captain Future Preview, Commando Arcade, Crazy Painter, Darkness, Dinosaur Dig, Graham Gooch All Star Cricket Preview, Ice-Racing, Knights and Demons, Magic Duel, Onslaught Shooter Collection, Oops, Pluff, Single Extreme Freedom, Snakman, Softporn Adventure, Super Pac Twins, Treasure-Hunt, World Boxing Champ, Xain d Sleena, Your Fathers Nightmare and many more.

Hugo 00:02, 28 July 2014 (CET)

Update 23. May 2014 C64games.jpg

Following games are new on this homepage: 1941 - The Secret Conflict, Blob, Bubble Escape 2K, Goofys Railway Express, Maze Dash, Nuclear Reaction 2100, Sokoban 64, Space Trader 64, Spiderbot, The Last Hope and Waterman.

Hugo 20:59, 25 May 2014 (CET)

Update 19. April 2014 C64games.jpg

Following games are new on this homepage: Guldkorn Expressen, Kur pelite tu teceji, Labiraton, Maxwell Manor - Skull of Doom, Minit Man, Naval Battle of Tsushima, Noxus, Panzer-Jagd, Road to Moscow, Rock n Rhythmn, Sharky, Shirley Muldowneys Top Fuel Challenge, Stratagos, Stronghold, Super Oswald, TGIF, The Caves of Oberon, The Impossible Game, The Naval Battle of Guadalcanal, The Rat, Timebound, Welle Erdball - Der Flipperkoenig, Where my Bones 2 and many more.

Hugo 22:22, 19 April 2014 (CET)

The  LorbeerkranzLinks.png1.000LorbeerkranzRechts.png article: We have reached our first big target: One thousand articles in the, but a lot of started articles aren't finished yet. You find these articles in the Category:To-do. Please, help us to upgrading and finishing these unfinished articles! Thank you very much for your assistance!
  Read more here and see a small overview of our project status.

Jodigi 20:05, 6. April 2014 (CET)

Update 4. March 2014 C64games.jpg

Following games are new on this homepage: Angler 64, Attack Force, BMX Ninja, Colorout, Cuthbert goes Walkabout, Cuthbert in Space, Dark Force, Hummdinger, Nomad of Time, Operation Hormuz, Pro Mountain Bike Simulator, Protium, The Anglers, The Destroyers, Whirly Bird, Zombie Brain Eaters, Zombieparty and many more.

Hugo 09:02, 10 March 2014 (CET)

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Highscoremaster of C64-Wiki (TOP5)

Place User Points 1st place
each 10 points
2nd place
each 6 points
3rd place
each 2 points
further places
each 1 points
number of games
1 Robotron2084 1021 67 45 26 29 167
2 Werner 751 37 39 49 49 174
3 Camailleon 597 38 26 19 23 106
4 Equinoxe 477 26 31 11 9 77
5 TheRyk 412 14 26 40 36 116

Table with all highscore entries.

This table was assembled on 2. January 2015 / 16:00 by Werner. It is based on Robotron2084's idea and was coordinated in detail on

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Highscore Picture from the article Burger Time

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  1. Gremlin Graphics (Company) 2‎1 references
  2. Arcade (Basics) ‎19 references
  3. Synapse Software (Company) ‎18 references
  4. Apple (Company) ‎18 references
  5. Hewson Consultants Ltd. (Company) ‎17 references
  6. Konami (Company) ‎16 references
  7. Domark (Company) ‎16 references
  8. Prism Leisure Corporation (Company) ‎15 references
  9. Centronics Interface (Hardware) ‎15 references
  10. Martin Galway (Person) ‎14 references

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Title Picture from the article Turrican III


Title Picture from the article Delta

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